Nigeria happens to a good samaritan who gets into trouble trying to help another citizen

I was at Karu General Hospital. I was called by the cleaner that someone fainted. I came to see her. As a health care worker with a responsibility, I took her to the hospital. On getting to the hospital, they said I should go open a folder for her. I told her that I didn’t know the patient. So, I couldn’t give her details. My sister got her husband’s number and he said we should please take her to the hospital. Upon getting there, they refused to get a stretcher to move her. After a lot of back and forth, they took her in. And asked us to go get a card. We told them that we didn’t have her details as we didn’t know her. We told them that her family had been called and they should wait for them to get here. These people started shouting at us about getting the card. I got angry and we decided to leave while my brother stays back. They blocked the hospital gate and held us hostage that we wouldn’t leave. Because we were already at the front, others couldn’t come in. The CMD came and called the police on us. And charged us to court. She equally lied to the Police that we were the ones that attacked the girl. Now, they’re charging us to court for domestic violence. I’m currently in detention as I write this. As a health worker, I’m disappointed and gutted that the CMD, Dr Ede Ojo, is trumping up charges and trying to intimidate us for helping a citizen during a health emergency. I can’t believe this. She has called senior colleagues and lied to them. She has told so many untrue stories. The lady who fainted is in court and has been screaming that we saved her life. But they’re lying. I can’t believe this is what’s going on. We’re being treated like criminals all for helping someone. I’ve heard of these things happening. I never believed that it’d be me. Nigeria finally happened to me!


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