Tompolo aided by the army is driving indigenes away from Okuoma community,Delta State

Narrator : the Ijaw youth wearing military uniform used by tantita security network owned by Tompolo and accompanied by soldiers will enter the urhobo community, kill people and go back, they have even warned all neighboring Urhobo communities to leave the coastline and move to the uplands . That all the coast lands belong to them


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So they came again yesterday this time Tompolo boys, accompanied by military personnel came in a gunboat and immediately they landed they started shooting,

Then the Okuoma youth panicked and started shooting back and that’s how they shot the general not even knowing who he was.

They came back again and met the same resistance and lost more men, then they came with helicopter and chased everyone away , burned down then community while at it the Ijaw youth from neighboring communities were looting food and properties of the Urhobos that fled

Now tell me is this a peace mission ??

Via Princess onome on X

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