Delta Killing: Ijaw youths will surely respond to the killing of their kinsmen by soldiers

There is an ongoing genocide/ethnic cleansing, currently happening in the Niger-Delta, in the name of reprisals against some slain soldiers. But no news channel or media house is reporting it. The Nigerian military


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, is currently invading communities around the Niger-Delta, killing any youth on sight and tagging them militants. They are also burning houses of innocent locals. Soldiers were killed in Delta state, but the Nigerian army invaded Igbomatoru 2, in Boma Ibe clan in far away southern Ijaw Local government area of Bayelsa state for reprisals. They locked down the community for over 8 hours, killing anything on sight. They came with gunboats, fully prepared for war. They killed well over 30 innocent villagers. This is purely ethnic cleansing of ijaws. Because nothing justifies this unprovoked killings and destruction of properties. But the after effect of this unjust killing of ijaw sons and daughters will be detrimental, and could affect the daily outputs of oil from ijaw land, and the Niger-Delta as a whole. This could also affect our already dwindling economy. Tinubu needs to step in now and stop the military from further killings and destruction of properties in and around the Niger-Delta for reprisals. Because ijaw youths that we all know, must surely respond to these senseless killing of their kinsmen in their own way. A stitch in time saves nine.


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