NA opened fire on 500 civilians in Delta hence the resort to self defence/PIDOM Nigeria

Nobody is justifying the death of our able bodied soldiers, but why not tell Nigerians the truth, rather than use the biased western media to drive home propaganda and wicked narrative, in order to justify your actions. The Nigerian Army claimed that they went to Okuama community for peacekeeping mission. But you wanted to forcefully arrest 3 high chiefs, the community said nope and stood their grounds. What did you do next. Your men opened fire on innocent villagers, injuring well over 500 of them, and killing many. Both old, fragile, women and children were amongst the casualties. But nobody is telling their story, or listening to their plight. After attacking first, you all entered your boats and left. As you were leaving, you all were ambushed by 9 speedboats filled with militants. They were the ones who killed our gallant soldiers. Not innocent old men and women who can not operate hunters gun. People who are already injured, bruised and morning their loved ones after your 14th march unprovoked attack on them. Below are some pictures and videos of the injured and murdered at Okuama community.


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