APC is behind Simon Ekpa and UGM in SE/IPOB leaders

I remember Former Ebonyi State Governor who is now Nigerian Minister of works, Dave Umahi, threatened #IPOB that he will raise counter group that will rise against IPOB. Some Biafrans supporting the anti-IPOB group now were saying then that Dave Umahi cannot do nothing. Surprisingly, many were daft to understand how the group will rise. Some think the group will rise speaking ill of IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu. These small minded fellows were played by politicians hence you see them today supporting counter group created by Davi Umahi and other Politicians. The criminal activities of Auto-pilot and Simon Ekpa are clear to every intelligent person that will not born imbecil to decode … Every of their activities were anti- IPOB, mention one that is not anti IPOB. They want to portray IPOB as violent movement, they commits crime and shout Nnamdi Kanu, they kill and shout Biafra , they abduct and claim they are IPOB demanding for Nnamdi Kanu release. When we succeeded in stopping them from using Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB now they turn around and start calling for the destruction of IPOB, ESN, legal team and DOS, the foundational pillar of the movement. For you to understand that Nigeria government created them, when they commits crime, the Nigerian government will never mention them, rather they will accuse IPOB. Despite IPOB in so many press statement distancing itself from Autopilot and Ekpa, the government has continued to associate Autopilot with IPOB. We understand the game the government is playing with the criminal in Finland and we shall always be on the gap. This method worked in 1967-70 when Nigerian government used their media power with the help of BBC and blackmailed #Biafra before the international community, labeled our forefathers rebel who were fighting to end a war of aggression levied against them by this same Nigerian government . It will never work in this centaury. We understand the ethnics and standards of self determination and self defense, IPOB will continue to apply these standards according to international law and any attempt by Nigerian government to portray this freedom movement as violent or terrorist movement will be resisted. Meanwhile listen to Benjamin Madubugwu who was in court yesterday


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