French expenses in Africa are colonial in nature ,Malian president warns DRC

This message is for the DRC . A while ago,@GoitaAssimi gave a brilliant speech in Bambara, my mother tongue, and I’ll succinctly paraphrase what he said. “France will not spend one billion a day in Mali ,


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one billion a day just because they love Malians or because Malians are beautiful. No! They came for their interests. It’s someone who is behind them. When we consider everything, for instance with MINUSMA, I was in Sudan , and I when left Sudan, they partitioned the country into two. I spent 1 year and 4 months over there. You see, when they enter your country, things will not be easy. But in our case, we thank God, when we stood up, that trouble is now over (meaning we sacked the French and the UN forces out of their country). No matter what we say, behind these missions, there is someone, nations, people whose interests and ours are completely different. They decide everything. If they say they should divide the people, it will be done. If they say this is how things should be run, that’s how they are run. So, we are grateful to God that they weren’t able to partition our country. So, what I can add is this, up till today, let’s focus on our people. If you recall when we asked them to leave,

it was Mali that asked them to come, and everyone agreed. Now it’s the same Mali that asked them to leave. So, what was their noise all about? Should there be any problem with that? No!

There a shouldn’t be any problem with that, even if some were saying, that if they leave, we wouldn’t succeed.” Alright, we can’t emphasize this enough: as long as foreign troops are on the African continent, under whatever disguise or cover you wanna call them, Africa shall never see peace. Therefore, it’s imperative we get rid of them. We are told that @MONUSCO

has up to the end of the year to leave the DRC. How I wish they can accelerate their departure, because after 25 years of UN forces presence, the DRC has bled too much, and millions of Congolese have died. Anyway, I don’t think I need to make any more comments because a word to the wise is enough.

@AssembleeNatRDC the ball is in your hands!

Sy Marcus Herve Traore

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