Niger is Building kandadji hydro dam on the Niger River and the consequences on Nigeria’s Kainji dam are self caused/Sy Marcus Herve Traore


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My message to all the Noisy Nigerians. Do you see this? This is the Kandadji dam in construction in Niger . I will tell all the noisy, arrogant and ignorant Nigerians who spend all their time on X saying that Niger doesn’t add any value to Nigeria nor to ECOWAS. I think someone tagged me about one Nigerian who wrote on his page that Nigeria has opened its borders with Niger, but that Niger refused to open theirs with Nigeria. In the comment section, he even replied to someone who didn’t agree with what he wrote, and said that Niger needs them more than Nigeria does. It’s such a drag that I couldn’t respond because I was in the middle of doing something, and I can’t find his account again. He has over 1.2M followers. Please tag him to this post, if you know who I’m referring to. Anyway, here is my response to him and to all those making noise about Niger. In July 2020, the Nigerian presidency under @MBuhari signed electricity power export agreements with Niger to discourage construction of dams along the Niger River. But for Niger, the Kandadji dam will include a 130-megawatt power station that could generate enough electricity to allow Niger to stop depending on Nigeria for energy. So, what happened? They signed the agreements and this why Nigeria is exporting electricity to Niger . For those who said that Nigeria doesn’t even produce enough electricity for its internal needs, let alone to export it to its neighbor Niger, now you know that the decision wasn’t something free of course, and not out of generosity. It was a well calculated decision and move. So, when @officialABAT and @ecowas_cedeao

decided to cut electricity to Niger , they ruined a potential deal that benefited both sides, especially Nigeria . Why? Because, should Niger stop the flow of river Niger, can you imagine for a moment what will happen on the Nigerian side? This is just one dam, imagine if Niger wants to build more dams on the river Niger! Can you imagine if Burkina Faso stops the flows of its 3 major rivers, the Akosombo dam in Ghana will run dry. So, you see, this is geopolitics. This is why I was shocked that the current Nigerian administration did such an ignoble act by cutting off the electricity supply to Niger . Good governance ensures that we consolidate and maintain previous achievements that prosper and benefit the people. You can’t just ignore what your predecessors have accomplished, and throw General Tiani under the bus. Now Niger is even accelerating the completion of the dam that was paused, and has refused to open its borders to Nigeria and Benin , even closed its airspace to flights coming from Côte d’Ivoire . Can you imagine if Niger wants to build more dams on the river? Now, people are making noise about Niger not opening its borders to them . Oh yeah? So, when they closed their borders to Niger for 7 months, what do they expect? Niger has found alternatives routes to import and export. So, to those whining about Niger refusing to open their borders with Nigeria , please take your fight to your corrupt, shortsighted and incompetent leaders within @ecowas_cedeao

. They caused this. I hope this helps clear your mind as to why Niger doesn’t give a damn whether you opened your borders with them or not. Life goes on!

Sy Marcus Herve Traore

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