The Yoruba people are the reason the Fulani are holding everyone down/E Ohagi

Again someone asked me why the Fulani is holding the entire country down. He was so surprised that people not more populated than Ijaw people were holding more than 200 million people down. I smiled and said this to him. Brother, the Yoruba people are the reason the Fulani are holding everyone down. The Fulani can’t hold the South down without a part of the South joining them to keep others down. They have been doing it since during and after the war. They did it in 2015, 2019 and 2023. But the truth is that it has been favouring them so much. It gave them a deputy president for 8 years, and a president for another 8 years (that is if the Yaradua don’t repeat itself). The Yoruba also have the seaport to themselves with its huge revenue. Without the Yoruba support of the Fulani, there wouldn’t even be One Nigeria. Share this with those still asking questions. Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher, And Activist, 2024.


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