Ndigbo dilema in Nigeria/A take


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Someone wrote and I concur-

*Igbo man produces cars they say it is not durable. The government would rather import foreign cars.

*Igbo man produces cement they revoked his license and gave it only to northerners.

*Igbos join in national protest they will name it ipob/Biafra agenda

*Igbo man stands to defend his business & property in another state they will say he wants to take over their land.

*Igbo man comes out to compete as a presidential candidate. They say Igbo man will never be a president of Nigeria.

*Igbo man opens his own business and chooses his staff uniform they say he is not representing Nigeria.

*Igbos want to be on their own they said over their dead body will that happen.

“Even with all their hate and envy Igbos will always excel because whom God has blessed, no one will ever bring down. Okike is always on our side.

Chinasa Nworu

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