Is Algeria the new Trojan horse in the Sahel?

“Trojan horse” has come to mean any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or place. A … ‎Trojan horse (computing) · ‎Trojan Horse (disambiguation) · ‎Sinon

Algeria, a toxic neighbor for the Sahel countries? Tension rises between Niger and Algeria after the summoning of their respective ambassadors following the controversial management of illegal migrants. Niger denounces the “violent” treatment inflicted on its nationals by the Algerian security services during repatriation operations. The Algerian ambassador in Niamey was summoned to express the strong protests of the Nigerien government and demand respect for the dignity and physical integrity of its citizens. Algeria responded promptly, calling Niger’s accusations “unfounded.” The Niger ambassador in Algiers is in turn summoned to discuss bilateral collaboration on repatriation. The incident highlights tense relations between Algeria and its Sahel neighbors, notably Mali and Niger. Algeria, which considers itself a “central actor” in the region, is often accused of interference in the internal affairs of its neighbors and of not respecting its commitments. In the space of a few weeks, Algeria has created diplomatic crises with two Sahel countries, raising questions about its role in the region and its commitment to good neighborliness


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