How Police works with criminals to sell citizens cars (Experiences shared on Foluke Martin’s wall)



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Marley This criminals stole my car without knowing the car has a GPS tracking device. They changed everything on the car inside and out, both the engine. And they even forged fake car documents, while I still have the Original car documents. I tracked the car and found it in Kogi state. I sent the mechanic that played me to release the car to him to fix and find a buyer for the car, not knowing the guy was setting me up. He went with the police to kogi state, they couldn’t get the car. After 4 day the car GPS tracked the car back in Abuja. I sent my staff to go check the car. When he got there is a car wash, he saw the car but the criminals have changed everything on the car that will make us recognize the car. But he used the car key to remote unlock the doors. When my staff approached the criminals they called their police, their police came to intimidate my staff and leave with my car. my staff refused to let them go and call the mechanic and the police station they made the stolen car report at. They came and explained to them the car was reported stolen. The police took my car to the policestation with the Man they found the car with and his police guys he called. After 3 days they had a meeting with people I sent to get my car and the Alhaji they found the car on his position that said he bought the car from another Alhaji,

after the meeting the police now decided that I must sell the car to the criminals because I gave the car to the mechanic to sell. I told them no way I will never sell my car to. Criminals. After they runaway with my car and didn’t pay me now I found my car they want me to collect money from the criminals

I tried to explain to them that I never gave the mechanic full right to sell my car, I told him I’m the one that will negotiate and give the final approval to release the car.. “THIS IS HOW ALL THIS STARTED WITH THE MECHANIC ABOUT THE CAR. My car broke down while my driver was driving it. He called me in America and told me about the car, I called the mechanic that usually fix the car and explain to him the noice the driver said that was coming out from the car. Mechanic ; (Simon) said it will cost 1million to fix. I told the mechanic NO I’m not gonna fix it yet since is going to cost 1million to fix Because I know him, he will tell me is 1 million now from 1 million to 2 million so I’m not ready for that. After 2 weeks the mechanic called me and asked me, Oga do you want to sell that your car I have some people that wants to buy it. I told him yes if the price is good, the people can come to the house and look at it and make me an offer. The mechanic said no they will price it cheap that he will fix the car before we can sell it. I told him I don’t have the 1 million to fix it now. I got some I’m doing with money at the time. The mechanic now said he will fix the car with his own money that if the people buy the car I’ll balance him the 1 million back plus his commission for bringing a buyer…. I told him ok. I will release the car to him but, I have to be the one that will negotiate the price with the buyers. And if he don’t sell the car i will balance him the 1 million he used in fixing the car and take my car back. He agreed. After 3 months of no serious buyers, I called him telling he is about time to return the car since he couldn’t find a serious buyer for it. He said no I should give him more time he will find a serious buyer. And that I should please send him 80k to fix a smoke that’s coming out from the car. We argued about how that smoke problem developed, he said is from the buyers test driving the car. I told him I hope you haven’t been using my car for your own benefit. He said no. After 1 month our last chat I called the mechanic ending of November to return my car and take his 1 million. the mechanic never picked up my calls and never responded to me. I didn’t take it as anything till December. I called him again to return my car he didn’t answer. after a week I used another number to call him he answered the call, I asked him where is my car?. The mechanic said the car is parked at his mechanic shop. I asked him to return it because I don’t wanna sell it anymore. He said ok, I asked him for the mean time send me take a picture of the car where is parked now, he said his not in Abuja he traveled to his village for Christmas holidays that he will take the picture and send to me when he return to Abuja January. January came I called the mechanic he refuse to pickup my call while I can clearly see his online on WhatsApp. I started getting worried and send my staff to his mechanic shop to find out what’s really going on. My staff got to the shop, saw the mechanic and asked him about the car he told my staff his currently looking for the car and the guy he gave the car to. “Belo” that’s why he has been avoiding my calls. My staff told him I’ve been calling him that he need to call me. The mechanic called me I missed the call, he left me a voice message on my phone telling how he gave the car to some guy name BELLO the car to park on hold car stand now they have demolished the car lot and he can’t find the BELLO and his not picking up his calls. I got really upset. And told the mechanic SIMON, i never gave you a permission to release to BELLO and I don’t know that BELLO. I asked him to give me the Belo number he did. I called the BELLO he picked up. I asked him to return my car, He said he gave mechanic 1 million naira for the mechanic to release the car to him to sell. I told him I never gave the mechanic permission such or release the car to anybody and the mechanic SIMON didn’t tell me Belo paid him 1 million. I told BELLO I’m gonna report the car stolen to the police if he don’t return my car. He said he can not do that he has a buyer that has paid him BELLO some balance on the car and his waiting for the rest of the balance. I told him I’m not selling the car anymore. BELLO said no he has committed to sell the car to the Alahaji that I have no send me account number for him to pay me. I thought about it and sent the account number thinking the guy is telling me the trust. He said the next day the money will come to my account. I waited for 2 days nothing happened. I didn’t know this BELLO was buying time to run. I called him he didn’t answer. I send him a text message telling him I hope he didn’t do me 419 because I’m gonna find him and my car. And report him to the police. I called my staff to report it to the police he has the mechanic has reported the case to the police, they are currently tracking BELLO’s cell phone number. And That the mechanic said him SIMONE the police traveled to kaduna to look for BELLO. After 2 days the couldn’t find BELLO, I called my manager in Lagos to call the tracking company to track to car. The company said I have to pay for 2 years before they can update the GPS tracker to track the car. We paid them, we tracked the car and find it in Kogi state. They sent me all the information to find car in Kogi state . I sent information to the mechanic SIMONE and my staff, I told them to go get the car with the police. They got to Kogi state where the was parked but couldn’t go inside the compound because the police said they need a warrant. After 3 day in Kogi state they came back to Abuja without the car. The next day I opened the GPS tracker and found the car back in Abuja. This is when I had to send my staff to go check if the car is really on that location in Abuja. He got there, it was a car wash. While they was wash the car my staff used the spare key to remote open the car doors. He confirmed it’s the car, he saw they have changed the car body. Updating the car so nobody can recognize the car anymore. Unlucky for them the car has a working GPS Tracker. The guy that with my car called his police and the police the mechanic reported the case to came. They now took the car to the police station Now the police is forcing me to sell my car because they said my intention from the beginning with the mechanic was to sell the car. So my Question?? is this how you buy a car in Nigeria? You take someone’s car without their permission, runaway with the without paying them, change the body inside and outside. Change the engine..runaway with the car not knowing the has a GPS tracker. Ok supposing if the car doesn’t have a GPS tracker, the car would have been GONE FOREVER! Unfortunately for them and fortunately for me the car has a working GPS tracker. Now tell me why the police don’t wanna do their job to arrest criminals and release my car to me. But the released my car to the criminals on bail because of what???? I’m the victim crime now and I’m being victimized. while they suspect are enjoying with my car. #humanrightnigeria #nigeria #nigerianpoliceforce #swatforcecidabujanigeria #nigerianlawyers #everyone #nigerians

Another victim reccounts his ordeal

This is how police in Nigeria work. I had a similar issues like this. In 2004 my car an Audi car was stolen at the car park in the church I attended in the CBD area in Alausa in Ikeja. After service I came to the car park only to discover that the car was not there. I had the keys in my hand I was confused. I went to the police station in Alausa to report the incident and later went home. I reported the incident to the person that I bought the car from….fast forward after like 3 weeks the car dealer identified the car at Marina in Lagos…he alerted the police on check point that accosted the driver and I was called to come and identity the car….boom I took off to island with the car documentary and the pictures of the exterior and interior of the car at the time I bought it. It was White color but the criminals had repainted it to the yellow color of Lagos but you will see white colors still very feasible,…. fast forward the driver was apprehended he said he was driving for his OGA, the OGA was summoned he came said he bought the car…. from who? Vehicle and the criminals were moved to Alausa in Ikeja where the case was reported. Next week I had an appointment outside Lagos by the time I came back the police released the car to criminals and released them as well. I was distraught. I got a lawyer we did an SOS to the the then commissioner of Police. On receipt of the petition, the commissioner summoned the police officers in Alausa that were handling the Case. They reported and on questions it was evidently clear that the officers were working with the criminals… Fast forward the two police officers were tried I don’t know what happened to them eventually…. but my car had gone because the criminals were not responding to their calls..

moral of this is that the system of policing is very corrupt especially among the whistle carrying officers.

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