We want to establish sharia law in the whole world, specifically in Burkina Faso” – Terrorists./Sy Marcus Herve Traore

We want to establish sharia law in the whole world, specifically in Burkina Faso” – Terrorists. Yesterday, a group of terrorists are seen gathered together, and one of them is reading a statement. I will paraphrase what he is reading. He said that, for some years now, Burkina Faso is confronted with a “holy war.” Let me say this, there’s nothing holy about a war, regardless of what you believe, be it the Islamic conquest or the crusades by the sword. But I get the point. He added that it’s not a war of colonization nor a conventional war, it’s a war for ISLAM . “Our goal is to establish sharia law in the whole world, specifically in Burkina Faso ”, he added. He said that they have noticed that Captain has recruited some militias called the VDP ( Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland). Now, let me pause right here and make a comment. When I heard the word “Militias”, I automatically knew who is behind these people: the imperialists, especially France . Why? Because, it was the same imperialists, especially France that were accusing us on the MSM and on their media that we recruited militias without training and sent them to the frontline. They even used this as an alibi to refuse to sell us weapons, and even used their diplomatic ties to block the delivery of weapons we bought from others like Russia . Of course, that’s not true because, our VDPs undergo training for months before being deployed. So, for me, when he used the same rhetoric, I knew who are their sponsors. And btw, even if our VDPs were militias, who cares what they think? Shouldn’t we defend our motherland with all we got? Nonsense! He continued by saying that he invites everyone to accept Islam including the President. Sorry dude, that’s never gonna happen. He added that we should not believe that this war will be soon over, that it is a JIHAD between them and the defense forces. Alright, when he said that they are in jihad, then I realized that nothing could be further from the truth. If this is about jihad, why are they killing both Muslims and Christians, burning down churches and mosques? When our soldiers wipe them out, they always find drugs in their hiding places. So, these are not sane men talking. The way he’s even reading, his voice is shaky and he can’t even boldly look straight into the camera. Anyway, whether he said this is not a war of recolonization but a jihad, it doesn’t matter to me. All I know is that, terrorism in the Sahel is a recolonization attempt. If you can answer why and how


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created terrorism in the Sahel after they destroyed Libya in 2011, and killing Muammar Gaddafi, then you will understand why the imperialists are still trying to destabilize us. Look at how they are dressed! Who gave them our military uniforms? Do you recall that we caught a French businessman who was trying to smuggle Burkina Faso military uniforms into their embassy in Niger ? So, who’s supplying them with their weapons and equipments? I think we all have the answer. So, these are empty words and the kicks of a dying horse, because anytime these useless men come out to make empty threats, it means that they are in a panic mode. If you saw how we destroyed a column of their fellow criminals on Sunday, you’ll understand why they have turned into content creators . Anyway, these terrorists will be tracked down and wiped out. That’s what we do in Burkina Faso .

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