#Sahel : General Lecointre dreams of a French colonial reconquest by force?

The withdrawal of French troops from the Sahel fuels neocolonial fantasies. General François Lecointre, former chief of staff of the armed forces, openly expresses his regrets and calls for a new European military intervention. His remarks tinged with paternalism and contempt towards African countries arouse indignation. General Lecointre does not beat around the bush: the withdrawal from the Sahel is a “failure” for France, Europe and Africa. He affirms that Europe must “defend its interests” on the African continent and “be capable of taking charge of its destiny on a military level”. To justify his plea in favor of military intervention, General Lecointre puts forward several arguments, including the “destruction of government and state apparatuses”, the “civil war in many countries” and the “difficulties linked to developments climate”. He also mentions the future “demographic explosion” of the African continent, which, according to him, will have “consequences on Europe” in the coming years. These arguments, often simplistic and caricatured, only mask the true motivations of General Lecointre. It is clear that he wants to see France, and by extension Europe, regain its influence over the Sahel, even if it means doing so by force of arms. It is crucial to oppose this dangerous and retrograde vision. The future of the Sahel must not be decided on the battlefields or in the back rooms of European capitals. Durable solutions to the region’s problems lie neither in military force nor in the imposition of external solutions.


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