Hausas give Fulani quit notice to exit Hausa land…say Tinubu erred in appointing Fulanis into government

Say’s they’ve been victims of terrorism, injustice under Fulani leadership


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By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

In what could be described as looming tribal and ethnic war between the Hausas and Fulanis, Hausas in northern Nigeria, have given Fulanis notice to quit their lands.

This follows the recent backlash REJOINDER to Fulani leader Dr. Salim Musa Umar, President General, Fulbe Global Development and Rights Initiatives (FDGRI), by Hausa leader Kaltum Alumbe Jitami (Emancipator), Hausawa Tsantsa Development Association (HTDA.

Entitled: “For 219 years, the Hausa people have been victims of terrorism and Injustice under Fulani leadership”, the rejoinder obtained from verified general news Kaltum Jitami, advised Fulanis “to exit themselves out of Hausaland before it is too late”.

The general news also alleged that Usman Danfodio, the great groundfather of Fulanis initiated the killings of Hausa people and seizure of their lands by brigandage, which continued till today.

It stated, “Rejoinder to Dr. Salim Musa Umar, President General, Fulbe Global Development and Rights Initiatives (FDGRI), by Kaltum Alumbe Jitami (Emancipator), Hausawa Tsantsa Development Association (HTDA”, it stated.

“Your great grandfather, Usman Danfodio, in the last 219 years, initiated the killings, and under of Hausa people and their lands by brigandage, which continued till today”, it added.

The Hausas also stated that Dr. Salim Umar was silent when his Fulani people were busy visiting Hausa people and committing atrocities unabatedly.

It also read in parts: “Dr. Salim, where were you that you had been silent when your Fulani people were busy visiting my Hausa people with the following atrocities unabatedly?

– They buried Hausa people alive in the days of Usman Danfodio.
– They sold Hausa people like herds of cattle into slavery.
– They castrated Hausa males to stop them from procreation.
– They jailed husbands and wives to their death for no just reason.
– They seized cultivated and uncultivated farms and farm lands belonging to the Hausas.
– They indoctrinated Hausa children into begging and made them see poverty as their divine destiny.
– They forbade the Hausa children to go to school, and those who managed to go were deprived of choice courses as they strove to further their education.
– Hausas are denied recruitment into armed forces, paramilitary, police force, and civil services.
– They forbade/excluded Hausas from participation in politics, except for voting, as dictated by Fulani mallams, imams, and ulamas.
– They kidnapped Hausa Christian women from churches and ra’ped them inside mosques”, it stated.

The statement also added that “In North Western Nigeria, Katsina, Zamfara, Kebbi, and Sokoto, which you are complaining about the insecurity of your Fulani, your very Fulani people did the following to Hausa people:

– They burnt 44 Hausa people alive in a bus. This happened in Sokoto state during the regime of former President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, a Fulani man.
– They threw live Hausa babies to Fulani dogs as feed for the dogs to eat in Katsina state.
– They cooked Hausa newborn baby boy on his naming ceremony and gave his cooked flesh to the Hausa people to eat by force.
– A 70-year-old woman was gang-ra’ped by about 15 Fulani terrorists.
– They kidnapped a husband and wife with their son and forced the son to ra’pe his mother right before his father.
– They set a market abl’aze with hundreds of people in it in broad daylight.
– They beheaded 200 people and placed their severed heads on their chests”, it lamented.

“Dr. Salim, be reminded that Fodio, the father of your great-grandfather, arrived in Hausa land naked and uncircumcised. He was a stark illiterate and humanly debased.

“The Fulani were introduced to circumcision by the Hausas, and Usman Danfodio was taught literacy and Islamic religion in Hausa land. The Fulani never brought Islam to Hausa land as they want the world to believe.

“Today, the Hausa people are saying enough is enough to the Fulani People because the Hausas are forced to remember the good that they represent to the Fulani and the evil that the Fulani represent to the Hausas.

“Therefore, a call to arms bearing is made to the Hausas by me, Kaltum Alumbe Jitami, that the Hausas must defend themselves and their lands against the Fulani People”, it noted.

It continue that “Dr. Salim, your voice of condemnation against the atrocities of your Fulani was never heard, but no sooner did we stand up to your Fulani people, you are all over the place, calling for attention.

“Enough is enough, and there is no going back to ejecting the Fulani out of the Hausaland by every means possible for masterminding genocide against Hausa people! The Fulani are strongly advised to exit themselves out of Hausaland before it is too late”, it declared.

Kaitum Jitami, had in an open letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, recently stated that appointment of Fulanis is destructive to unity of Nigeria.

Fulani population in Nigeria is under 20M while hausas are in excess of 70m

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