Preparing for a regional war…France has positioned troops in Benin/Sy Marcus Herve

French military instructors in Benin? When Niger claimed that there are French soldiers stationed in Benin, in 5 military camps to be precise, on some often them where they are training some terrorists that will come to destabilize their country,


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publicly rejected the allegation and even said that the idea is ridiculous. A French journalist investigated and made a report that there are indeed some French soldiers stationed in Benin . I even provided a link to that journalist YouTube channel. So, who are those people ? Aren’t they not French soldiers or they are aliens ? You can’t hide things like this in this modern era. The one who recorded this is clearly aware of what’s going on in the news. So, he recorded it and put it for everyone to see. And yes, it’s in Benin and the flag is the proof . Now that people are aware of President Talon’s lies, Benin government came out to say that these are French military instructors. Folks, which country needs as much instructors as these ? Let’s be honest, all these French soldiers can’t be instructors. Again, let me make this very clear: Benin has the right to have French soldiers if they want, even though I know that the people don’t want them there alright ? Niger also has the right to have Russian military instructors, which btw are not in the hundreds. On the one hand, when you have the French authorities, from the President of their Republic to experts, including their ministers, who clearly stated that their intention is to use all means, from the most official to the most clandestine, to harm Niger, what would Niger do? Should Niger open its border with Benin ? Hell no! The border must remain closed until we are sure it’s safe to do so. On the other hand, have the Russians declared war on Benin? Not that I know of right? So, if Benin has the right to welcome people who openly said they will do anything to harm Niger , then, no one should deny Niger’s right to distrust Benin , or even to see them as an enemy. Is this fair enough? I think so!

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