A French military industrial complex probably armed BH with drones/A take

There is no shred of doubt about the involvement of the military industrial complex, MIC. Those that are observant knew, from when French mercenaries were caught supplying RPG and other automatic weapons in the forest under Goodluck Jonathan administration, that foreign intelligence have been given training to the Fulani terrorists to further their agenda. The globalists control the military industrial complex, the big tech, the mainstream media and the big pharma. The agenda is depopulation and they use multiple angles in pursuit. They want food scarcity, inflationary economy, disease outbreaks and vaccine emergencies and mandates, never ending wars, etc. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV or Drone is the new area of warfare. Those that have the knowledge of how to use it and how to defend themselves in the face of its attack stand a chance at winning. If we don’t have that technology and the knowledge, it will be disastrous to us in the event that this leads to an all out war. Remember, Iranians are good in this area, too. They and the Saudis are influential in this British contraption. Not to mention that the common hatred of Biafra is what unites the British and the Islamic caliphates. Biafrans are encouraged to be at alert and involved in the security of Homeland. We should seek this and other knowledge to secure Biafra land.The security of Homeland depends on it. Family Writers Press International


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