WHAT REALLY HAPPENED YESTERDAY AT BANEX PLAZA? Yesterday at banex plaza in Abuja, two soldiers came to make a complain about a device that was sold to a client three months ago which has become faulty and the battery swollen just after 3 Month of use. On arriving at the seller’s shop, the soldiers explained what happened to the device and request for a change since the phone comes with warranty but the seller didn’t give the soldiers a listening ear which provoked one of the soldiers, when he saw the issue has escalated he quickly called the police at the plaza to come and intervene, on getting to the shop the soldiers stood their ground with the policemen and told them they are not leaving until something Is done. The policemen seeing the situation on ground decided to change the narratives and started calling the soldiers fake. As if that wasn’t enough they shot teargas into the shop and kept calling the soldiers fake. This action created a scene which was flooded by the guys of banex plaza who took action into their own hands and started assaulting the soldiers because they are on uniform and they saw them as a threat.


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