Employers of Killer chinese are pressurizing the Police to change the story of the death of Miss Ocheze


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Inner Galaxy steel company has cooked up lies about the death of miss OCHEZE, whom her Chinese Boss Mr GZ ZHENG murdered, because she turned down his sexual advances towards her. They are pressuring

@PoliceNG investigators to accept the fact that Miss Ocheze fell down from the crane she was operating that night and died, because she fell asleep while operating it. That her Chinese Boss who was with her inside the crane, did not push her down. They had already assembled fellow Nigerian workers at Inner Galaxy, who are ready to corroborate the company’s side of the story, when investigators question them. They promised those workers handsome rewards. We demand Justice for Miss Ocheze #JusticeForOcheze. Nigerian police

@PoliceNG should have conscience for once in their lifetime.


@MaureenChinaka Inner Galaxy has this history of giving heavy bribes to kill any case against them. They are more than willing to bribe anyone investigating them, so they can have a soft landing.


@Nedunaija, This case must not be swept under the carpet. Don’t allow anyone to take bribe and cover the murder of an innocent Abia daughter Ocheze Ogbonna. In 2020, after i did my investigation and exposed Inner Galaxy company’s slave camp, and the dehumanization of their Nigerian workers to the public, they agreed to offer me bribe to kill the story. But i refused, and stood my grounds for the truth. They ended up spending that money on media, bloggers and PR experts to counter my claims, after paying the police and DSS to arrest me. But i had overwhelming evidence against them, and i kept dropping more damning evidence every day. At the end, the Abia state government and FCCPC indicted them and thanked me for my work.

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