How Criminals use Opay to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians

Yesterday, I went out with the Men of the Nigerian Police to arrest one Fr@udster who wiped the Last 370k in one of my Clients Opay Account. I have been on this case for More than a Month. From the Fr@udster’s confession, I need you to Learn something He said that, he went to my Clients shop and beg her for one minute call on her phone. And my Client been a good Samaritan gave him her phone. This guy said, he used that Opportunity to act like he was dialling a number, whereas he was dialling a code that will forward all my Client’s call and messages to his phone number. Meaning, when my client receives calls, they receive it together, same as messages. I sincerely don’t know how that is possible, but this guys are not joking, they know more than we know and they have some secret and special code they use. So he was able to reset her Opay Password and transaction pin when he got home, which gave him access to withdraw the money there. This is terrible So, I think you need to check if your number has been forwarded and compromised. If you use Android or iPhone. Go to your phone Settings Click on the Search Bar Type, Call Forwarding Open it and check Or go to your Call app. Click on the menu, then click on settings. After that, you will see calling account Then select one of your SIM and click on additional settings You will now see Call Forwarding Or you can Use USSD CODE Dial ##002# and all call forwarding will be cancelled If your number has been forwarded, my dear, you are not safe o. If your number has not been forwarded, (good of you) but pls to remian safe and sure….make sure you still click on the Cancel all call Forwarding. After checking, pls let us know in the comments section if you are safe and your number is not forwarded Don’t be a Good Samaritan anymore, e no dey always end well. Instead, be a wise Samaritan The Guy will be Charged to Court ignorantia juris non excusat What will you gain, if you refuse to share this important information I just passed to you. Credit: Atanda Olatunji


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