Amidst continous reckless killing by Nigeria Police,lagos lawyer argues that the police is taking actions

I have a Police officer whom I am still defending in Court since seven years now.
I tell you! He’s still in Ikoyi prisons as we speak for manslaughter (unlawful killing).


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It’s the same ignorance in the military.
I am presently before Hon. Justice xyz at the Federal High Court, and it has been one sentence or the other of convicted people. The problem stems largely from ignorance or recklessness as to the intended consequences flowing from an act.
One was remanded in custody awaiting trial for internet fraud/cybercrimes. Another one was sentenced to the payment of a fine for cybercrimes. The third one was sentenced to 3 months without any option of fine for dealing in cannabis cannabis (igbo). The fourth one now is about to be sentenced for being in possession of tramadol (a psychotropic drug).

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