We will not tolerate foreigners coming to kill or maltreat citizens of SE/IPOB

This is a note of warning to anyone, foreigner who would come to Biafraland to maltreat any Indigenous citizen of Biafra, this is in light of the tragic incident where a Chinese man pushed a Biafran lady to her death for rejecting his sexual advances.1 The IPOB Movement will not tolerate such in Biafraland from any foreigner resident in our land. Although, we do not trust the contemporary justice system, but instead of taking laws into your hands by attacking or maltreating our citizens. We commend the government of Abia state for its swift response on this matter and we urge the Governors to be more security conscious in the welfare and affairs of our citizens in their jurisdiction. Mazi Chika Edoziem Live Radio Biafra Broadcast, Update By FWPI 30-05-2024


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