Enugu:The other side of the football match of 9th June/Okenwa

The other side of the football match of 9th June


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Yesterdays match between Enyimba of Aba and Enugu Rangers was seen largely as a demonstration that SE is peaceful

Many ignored the other side that 40,000 fans of majorly one ethnic origin can gather and pay for entertainment at such notice. Minimum gatepass was N1500 which translates to a gate taking of at least N600m..if you add the fact that some seats sold higher than N5000…you will get a higher figure of revenue. Do not forget that the spectators came from different parts of SE and paid fare at the Tinubu escalated rates
Imagine where 40,000 households decided that being igbos..they will patronize only Ebonyi long grain rice..use Ibeto cement..Go with innoson vehicles. Imagine the purchasing power in SE alone..imagine the job creation if they decide to wear Aba made shoes as well.

This is the type of power that IPOB packs and those of us who can fathom it say…this energy should be redirected towards goals of economic regionalism aka #economicbiafra

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