Every Citizen who is adversely affected by your policies and governance ideologies would never wish you will./ A take on Tinubu’s fall

Mr David slipped, it’s okay the Citizens are bound to see same from different perspectives. He said, “I should not be pitied, because I applied for the job and chose to accept this responsibility”. We owe him love and understanding , but we should not demonize folks who chose to withdraw theirs. This is democracy so, every situation under our democracy should be addressed from democratic ideology and not religious melodrama. Every Democracy will not be complete without supporters and protesters. Democracy is an orphan without criticism. Every democratic leader should realize this. The media also has its part to play, the reason they are called the Fourth estate of the real. We can’t grow Nigeria’s democracy in isolation or intolerance of differing opinions. The democratic world will fault us. Every Citizen who is adversely affected by your policies and governance ideologies would never wish you will. It’s natural. Every leader belongs to the led, the very day you stepped out to lead in any capacity, you seized having any private life. So demanding for respect and honor from folks who are hurt by your policies and practices is to afflict such people with Stockholm syndrome. The game of power has no space is not immoral. Struggling to add any moral cliche to a power game or its evaluation is to shortchange yourself from your power dues. So I feel it illusionary sentiments to suggest everyone must view similar circumstances from your lens. People are bound to be different, we should not demonize folks for being different either. Do you even understand me here


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Mr Tinubu slipped and fell over at an official event to mark 25 years of democracy in the country.

The president, 72, fell as he climbed the steps on a vehicle which was supposed to take him around Eagle Square in the capital, Abuja.

He had to be helped to get back to his feet.

Later in the evening, while giving a speech at the banquet dinner organised as part of the day’s events, the former Lagos state governor noted he was all over social media after falling.

“Early this morning, I had a swagger and it’s on the social media. They’re confused whether I was doing buga or doing babanriga [referring to two popular dance moves in Nigeria],” the president said.

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