Harsh competition drove executive bartender out of SE not insecurity/A take

This is “CARTEL NIGHTLIFE” in New Owerri, located just opposite Cubana Chief Priest De Angels/Xhrine.


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Cubana Chief Priest left Owerri for Lagos after “CARTEL Nightlife” had collected all his customers. This luxury nightlife venue opened last December, just opposite Cubana Chief Priest De Angels/Shrine. Chief Priest could not withstand the business competition from Cartel Nightlife , as Cartel Nightlife continued to attract customers from Chief Priest. This is not a joke; you can verify it for yourself.

Because more than 50% of his customers had been taken by Cartel Nightlife, Cubana Chief Priest decided to leave the area and relocate to Lagos, claiming that insecurity was the reason for his departure.

Yes, there is insecurity in Nigeria, and southeast remains one of the zones in Nigeria with less insecurity. But the truth is that Cartel Nightlife drove Chief Priest out of Owerri.

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