Coup scare: Burkina Faso president is alive and well/Sy Marcus Herve Traore

Captain nowhere to be found ? Let me address this propaganda. For the last two days now, there are all kinds of propaganda from the French, alienated Africans, including the sellouts, traitors and all the wanted men hiding in France and in Côte d’Ivoire . Some of you asked me if there was a coup attempt against Captain, and I said no, it was a soldier who accidentally misfired a rocket that landed in the compound of the national television. Two persons were slightly injured and after receiving treatment, they were discharged. A few cars were damaged, that’s all, but no human life was lost. However, the propagandists are saying that it’s the soldiers who are killing another, that there are many dead bodies everywhere, that Captain is nowhere to be found, that he even fled and is hiding somewhere else, that one of his gloves was found with blood on it, all kinds of fake news. Some of you might have come across these posts and used google translation to understand what the liars were and are spreading. Those of you who came into my inbox, I reassured you that it’s all lies. Yesterday, I was busy and this is why I couldn’t address it, but I promised that I will. As you can see, Captain posted these pictures on his page. In fact, we saw that he spoke to the media while he went on to give his blood on this World Blood Donor Day, June 14th, 2024. So, I wonder what these propagandists will have to say after this? But let me tell you that all these lies are part of a bigger scheme to control public opinion. They can fool you guys, but not us the Burkinabè. If there was truly a coup attempt, and even if the coup was successful against Ibrahim, I promise you that whoever did it will not spend one day in the presidential seat. I can guarantee you that. You guys have no idea how resolute the Burkinabè youth are. We don’t give a damn who you are, if we don’t want you as the leader, we’ll sack you from power, plain and simple. Go ask Presidents Blaise Compaore, Roch Marc Christian KABORE and Paul Henri Sandaogo Damiba! They will tell you. Now, a group of Burkinabè hackers and intelligence operatives called Anonymous Elite Alpha were able to get to the source of these fake news. It happens that it’s from some of the wanted men by our government. They even infiltrated some of their WhatsApp groups and made screenshots for all of us to see. I’ll post them later, but here is the translation of a conversation between Henry Sebgo who is actually one of the wanted men, Newton Ahmed Barry hiding behind this fake profile, the same journalist and former president of the electoral commission who organized the 2020 election, and they made a deal with the terrorists by paying them big sums of money. His accomplice calls him “doyen”, meaning Senior: “Henry Sebgo: Hello younger brother! Accomplice: hello, Senior. The work is clean. Thank you for the inspiration. Henry Sebgo: We must insist on false information. Make it look like nothing is wrong and we’ll soon be working to see if we can get some young people to fire a few shots. This will certainly serve as a catalyst. Accomplice: Thank you senior. Here in Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire ) we believe that this is an opportunity not to be missed because we really need to return home.” – End of translation. As for the other conversations, I will address it in another post. But yes, these are the types of people we are dealing with. And they are very delusional thinking that with all these seditious and treacherous behaviors they will be able to return home. Very delusional! Even Captain will not be able to protect them against the fury of the people.


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