Zambia to Cut Load-Shedding Hours with Additional 505 MW Supply

Zambia to Cut Load-Shedding Hours with Additional 505 MW Supply


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Zambia’s power utility Zesco Limited is set to significantly reduce load-shedding hours after securing an additional 505 megawatts (MW) of power supply from various sources. This move is expected to address approximately 50 percent of the country’s current power deficit, which stands at around 800 MW.

In a joint briefing, Minister of Information and Media Cornelius Mweetwa and Energy Minister Peter Kapala announced that Zesco will recall 100 MW from the export market and start receiving 105 MW from Ndola Energy. Additionally, Maamba Collieries will begin production of 300 MW at its second plant.

“We anticipate a notable reduction in load-shedding hours with these measures in place,” said Kapala.

The government, in collaboration with the private sector, has secured $80 million to pay outstanding dues to Maamba Collieries Thermal Power Station, facilitating the setup of the second plant. This plant will contribute an additional 300 MW to Zesco’s supply.

These developments come as Zambia seeks to stabilize its energy supply and mitigate the impact of power shortages on its economy. Reporting by Ollus Ndomu

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