French media fined and suspended for 6months in Burkina Faso for misinformation

TV5MONDE suspended for six months in Burkina Faso: fine of 50 million FCFA The French television channel TV5MONDE was suspended for six months in Burkina Faso and fined 50 million FCFA by the Superior Council of Communication (CSC). This decision follows the broadcast of “tendentious comments bordering on disinformation” on the channel, according to the CSC. The suspension concerns the TV5MONDE Afrique channel and takes effect from June 19, 2024. The CSC criticizes the channel in particular for broadcasting a report by journalist Newton Ahmed Barry, who allegedly relayed “rumors of mutiny” within the Burkinabe army. On April 28, TV5MONDE had already been suspended from broadcasting for two weeks for broadcasting a Human Rights Watch report accusing the Burkinabè army of “exacts” against civilians.


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