On the battle front…will the repentant BH soldiers in Nigeria army fight for Nigeria or their religious twins, Alqaeda

The Nigerian Military has promised that it will not rest on its oars in the ongoing efforts to combat terrorism and violent extremism across the country.


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Director, Defence Media Operations, Maj. Gen. Edward Buba said this while reacting to a report released on Wednesday by the Clingendael Institute, a Dutch think tank.

The report claimed that Islamist terrorists from the Sahel region have entered Nigeria through the Benin Republic border

These jihadist fighters are reported to have established bases in Kebbi State and Kainji National Park.

The report noted that the jihadists’ motives for settling in these locations were not entirely clear, but they were believed to be linked to various jihadist groups, including those with connections to Boko Haram.

Reacting to the report, Buba said,

“The military is fighting the terrorists wherever they exist across the country. Indeed, troops of Operation Whirl Punch are conducting operations in terrorist enclaves in North Central which includes Kainji Lake Park.

“Additionally, troops of Operation Hadarin Daji are equally doing the same to terrorists in Kebbi State and the west of the country. The objective of our operations is to destroy these terrorists and dismantle their military capabilities so citizens are safe and protected.”

The Clingendael Institute also warned that the resurgence of banditry in areas controlled by the JNIM in Benin might threaten the cross-border trade system between Nigeria and Benin, which is vital for the livelihoods of many people in the region.

The report concluded,

“This system generates livelihoods for many people in the area. Livelihoods are at risk. There is a variety of markets and crossings connecting North West Nigeria and Northern Benin. Unidentified armed groups and Darul Salam operate in these hubs.”


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