Terrorist attack on an Ebonyi police station: Issues to note

Terrorist attack on an Ebonyi police station: Issues to note



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Nigeria army deserves a handshake for technically reporting an issue that most media houses went straight to assumptions

Firstly it did not say specifically that the attackers were IPOB or ESN..because labeling a common armed robber an Agitator elevates his status and fetches him sympathy from the population as a freedom fighter.

Secondly the army did not boast that it over came the terrorist alone..police obviously raised an alarm and the army responded quickly aided by some others
Thirdly Nigeria Army was specific in the description of the recovered arms
“The troops recovered one PKT Machine Gun with a link belt containing 94 rounds of ammunition, 2 AK-47 rifles with 3 magazines, containing 11 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, one Sub Machine Gun with a magazine, and a Sienna SUV with registration number Ebonyi CHR-364JC”
This helps because for instance there is no recovered shot gun or Biafran flag and PKT and a sub machine gun PKT  is a very deadly weapon capable of firing 800 rounds of ammunition in a minute…who ever has that in his possession is not targeting the police..the person was ready for war.
four guns were recovered from the killed 5 terrorists..which suggest that one gun man mayt have fled with a gun and one of the killed was assistant the machine gunner.

The recovery of a Toyota Sienna SUV intact is a welcome development..Just that the car jacking of that model is too common to be taken serious.

Finally the recovery of the remains of the gunned down terrorist is commendable…their faces can be reconstructed for identification and associates quizzed.
The presence of a kidnapper..car jacker…killers in general is not an asset to SE.
The army should continue to be seen as people trying to maintain law an order and not a genocidal force.
It may be imperative to note that but for the easy capture ..this attack bears resemblance to the attack that led to the death of 5 soldiers in Abia on May 30
Mazi I hope this clears some matters

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