Human rights lawyer explains how police use plastic sacks to kill detainees in Nigerian cells

    I will share my CELL experience in SARS detention and relate it with multiple deaths that occurred in Awkuzu SARS which the police Panel of March 2023 confirmed about 11 suspects died of sudden and Unnatural death ??????? We will discuss this soonest.

    Asphyxiation by plastic bag is long and painful before you pass out! It takes about 10 minutes for your brain to be completely out of oxygen causing brain death, but your body will want to stay alive, once you pass out and the bag hasn’t been taken off your head. Then your organs one by one will turn off eventually leading to a time scale of 30 minutes of life before death!

    Deprived of oxygen for a few minutes, the brain shuts down and death occurs. The cause of death will be suffocation (ASPHYXIATION).
  • We were with them in the cell, we heard stories, we saw things, we know how they operate and we also know what they know.

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