Nyesom Wike is a house help, thinking he has a monopoly of rudeness/Aisha Yesufu

“Wike thinks he has monopoly on rudeness and speaking out of tune. He is acting as if he is superior. Go and serve your master!


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Wike do you think people of Abuja are hungry? Do you think they are like people of Rivers State? Even if some people are hungry, not everyone is hungry. You can’t come to Abuja and lord it over us. If the Senator we elect mis behave, we will address it. Your arrogance is not justified. So the idea of you unseating Sen Ireti Kingibe does not arise. Is being a house boy a respectable job?

After criticizing the APC and compromised your value, look at where you are. Your influence is fading. You are just a pawn for Tinubu because of your nuisance value”


Nyesom Wike is the current Nigerian Minister of the FCT often associated with rude statements and at tines suspected of substance abuse

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