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*_Residents condemn evil act of ruling party_

By Jonas Ofodinala

The Enugu State government led by His Excellency Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (HELIU) is currently planting a bomb in the midst of the people it’s supposed to protect from danger. Unable to recruit its targeted 1,700 young men as thugs, it has now found a way to lure the reluctant youths into an illegal enterprise.

_Enugu Monitor_ has gathered that the state government recently signed a contract between it and one Umuchineke Nigeria Limited, for the latter to work as traffic controllers within Enugu metropolis. Once the contract takes effect, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) traffic wardens will become redundant.

The truth, however, is that the so-called Umuchineke company is a platform for recruiting thugs in preparation for the 2023 general election. Investigations reveal that a key person behind the company is a notorious thug always used by the state government.

Enugu residents interviewed by _Enugu Monitor_ have decried this evil being hatched by the ruling party in the state.

“This man is bent on turning the state upside down before leaving office,” said a reliable source who refused to speak for attribution. “Legally speaking, no government has the legal powers to contract traffic control duties to a private firm. The state government can recruit staff under the Ministry of Transport to assist the police in traffic control duties, but there must be a legislation in place.

“Traffic control duties most of the time involve arrest and impounding of vehicles and probably prosecution of offenders. Which law will empower a private company to do all these?”

Ibe Nwenyi, a trader, told the _Monitor_ , “He is merely recruiting thugs. Many youths are rejecting his jobs as SAs, TAs and whatever title without portfolio, so giving them uniforms appears to be a bait they will be attracted to.”

A civil rights group has sworn to petition the Inspector-General of police, Alkali Baba Usman, so he could intervene in this illegal contract that might further worsen Enugu’s security situation and endanger innocent lives.

All issues pertaining to traffic are under the Road Traffic Regulations or the Federal Highway Code.

There has been no response from the state government on the matter. Three top officials contacted on the phone refused to speak or return calls.


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