Tensions Rise As IPOB cautions Soludo, accuses him of using militia to kill IPOB members

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has accused Anambra State Governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo, of using his militia nicknamed AVG in collaboration with Nigerian security agencies to abduct and gruesomely murder IPOB members in the state.

The group called on those in charge of Ebubeagu, also nicknamed AVG, to know that IPOB will not forgive them.

A statement on Wednesday by IPOB’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, said: “We can see viral videos on social media of how they killed our innocent and unarmed defenseless citizens in Anambra State particularly in Ogbaru, Idemili South and North, Nnewi North and South, Awka North and South Council area.”

Condemning what it described as the incessant killings, IPOB called on Soludo to “caution your militias and gang you created to demonise and destroy IPOB-ESN but you won’t succeed and we must get you people.”

The separatist group further said: “Soludo may not know what these criminals are doing in the street but we are advising him to reorganise them otherwise they will bring dooms to him and his government.


“On 22nd September, 2022 more than 10 dead bodies of innocent IPOB members were discovered at Nnobi forest in Idemili South LGA of Anambra State where they were dumped after extrajudicial execution.

“The slained IPOB members were abducted in other Communities in Anambra State and executed at Nnobi forest. To deceive the gullible minds, they made it seem as if those that they killed were criminals murdered in cold-blood.

“The style of this killing is the same as that used by fulani terrorists masquerading as Nigeria Army and Police Personnels to slaughter IPOB members by striping them naked and tying their hands behind their backs before shooting them.

“We want the public to know that for some weeks now many IPOB family members in Anambra State have been missing since Soludo created this criminal militia working with Fulani controlled Military and Police to eliminate IPOB members. They were not primarily constituted to go after criminals. Federal Government used their agents to highten insecurity in Anambra State after Soludo won the election to pressure him into establishing this militia like they did in Imo State.

“This Fulani strategy is creating insecurities and allowing them to deploy their terrorists military to have access in Biafra land to kill Biafra Agitators. We thought Soludo as a Professor will know better than others but unfortunately, he is another zoo dafted polititcian.

“Soludo doesn’t know the real identities and intentions of the people he armed as security personnel. By the time they are done with Anambra State he will be the worst Governor Anambra State has ever had.

“Whatever evil agenda Soludo with Fulani led Government of Nigeria have against our people and our land, they will regret soon. IPOB has commenced investigations on those who murdered these innocent unarmed members.  Those Security agents behind this barbaric execution and extrajudicial killings of our brothers and sisters will pay dearly shortly.”

IPOB wondered “why Igbo politicians allow themselves to be used by the Sokoto Caliphate to destroy the youths for demanding independence from the oppressors, while the Caliphate, the oppressors use the money coming from Biafra resources to recruit, train, and equip their known terrorist brothers into the Nigeria Security Agencies.”

The group added: “Our money is used to buy arms and equip some of their useful Governors from the East to kill our people for asking for freedom. IPOB is not only confronting external enemies but also the most sophisticated household enemies too.

“We shall overcome all of them by the grace of Elohim. In the end Biafra shall come and everyone will be judged according to their works.”

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