There Will Be No Elections in SE and Contrary Positions Will be Resisted/Popular Finnish Based Lawyer

Our attention has been drawn to a statement credited to Igbo Think Tank Group calling on Biafrans to participate in 2023 election. Every group has the rights to air their opinion. However, Biafrans has resolved that they will never allow Nigeria to conduct election in Biafraland

This decision is final, if any group of individual think otherwise, they should facilitate referendum with their Fulani masters to know which are the majority. Those that want Biafra or those that want Nigeria? Th ECOWAS court will be ruling on referendum this October

We therefore encourage any concerned Igbo group or Nigeria group to approach the court so that they will make history by delivering much awaited judgement on referendum as a way for lasting peace in the region. Anything contrary will be resisted & we are already resisting them.

Every group in Biafraland must stay clear. We understand that all of you need Biafra even more than some of but because you are all corrupt & will be persecuted if you talk about it. Some of you that are not corrupt are scared of being killed. We understand that.

These statements coming from most of these groups are becoming distraction & we may no longer take it likely with any group who’s intention is to distract Biafra liberation or to stop Biafrans from getting their freedom in 2023.

Finally, Simon Ekpa is just a messenger for the Biafra people. MNK remain the leader of IPOB & only him we will listen to, but we can’t listen to him from DSS.

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