This is a comedy of fallacy:The Other Story Of The Imo Women Rally for Tinubu

This is a comedy of fallacy. My friend got a report that his sister was about to go with other women in a hired bus from his village to Owerri for Tinubu rally. He was so livid with cold rage that he called the woman and demanded an explanation because he was very sure the sister was a staunch Obi’s supporter. The sister told him that they were promised 5k each with a threat by the SC governor to lock their shops in the market for one month if they didn’t do so. She said all the women from his village going to that rally were all OBI-dients and that even if they were paid 100k each on election day they will cast their votes for Okwute.
This is how desperate and the extent Jagaban can go to get fake crowds just like he hired mechanics and plumbers and agberos to impersonate real bishops during the unveiling of Shettima.
But the results of the election won’t be a shock to Jagaban because he already knows the hired crowds won’t translate to votes for him./A SM Opinion Leader From SE


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