Ayo Adebanjo and Co: The Heroes of Tomorrow

Ayo Adebanjo and Co: The Heroes of Tomorrow
When God wants to lead a nation,her mistakes are easily forgiven
When Nigerians voted Buhari in 2015…the nation was voting out coruption with the hope of a better life.Some of us objected because there was no logical reason to believe that Buhari will be better than Jonathan.History has decided. The lesson to be learnt is that Our problem goes beyond corruption.Then it was seen by many as impunity fathered corruption.
In 2019,there was no reason to return Buhari to power.SW which gave the winning suport decided to give a second chance with the hope that Ahmed Bola Tinubu will become president 2023 and make the whole country as brightly lit as lagos. We did not know that a change had taken place in the world of sentiments.Impuinity has now transformed to ENTITLEMENT.

Yet the intention of all including SE and SS remains a better life.
Ahead of 2023,corruption crept fully into the presidential primaries. This produced Tinubu and Atiku. But deep inside the minds of Nigerians there was suspicion that those who created the proble should not be given the responsibilty to solve it.
Clearly the battle became one between Sentiment and Merit. Every efforts having being made to select men of merit failed .Fayemi was dropped..Amosun..Umar Dangiwa..Adesina of AFDB,Okonjo Iweala,Mazi Ohuabunwa etc. Sentiments fought back and hid behind Entitlement to produce candidates like Okorocha,,,Ngige,,Orji Uzor.
A politically frustrated but economically strong SE decided to produce its best.Peter Obi with the hope that there will be some competition. It never occured to the SE that the entire nation was watching and eagerly hoing for a candidate less based on sentiment. The nation keyed into the Obidient movement. The whole nation watched as people became president straight from the social media.
People like Afenifere have watched over the yeasr the need to bring progressives together for the betterment of Nigeria starting from a southern socio economic base. Let me digress a bit here .If you think about the current state of the north,you will cry for this nation. Unfortunately this is a north we cannot seperate from, we have to generate enough strenght to pull together.
Afenifere saw the need for a fusion between the southern ethnic groups.The need has always been there.Few years ago there was the hands across the niger project.It was loud..but the participants had no idea how to move foreward.I was there. Afenifere saw in Obi,the ingredients of economic regionalism..ala..Economic Biafra..Economic Odua..Economic Arewa etc. It saw clearly that Tinubu had no solutions to the problems as the captain who put Buhari in power.So the group has categorically repeated that it backs Peter Obi.
As the hunger and insecurity bites harder,SW has started to think along the line of merit more than Entitlement. As i write the private commerical buses are threatening to go on strike due to high extortion rate by touts.This is a major hallmark of the entitlement administration in SW.Last week there was a near show down between the traders of the international market and Alabi and the extortionists.All the trade mark of Entitlement.In the north there is transparent hunger in the midst of very rich soil.There is unprecedented insecurity.You dont need to be reminded that if a serving Governor is abducted in the north,few will be amazed.
For now Obi is the closest ally to MERIT among the candidates..This is the vision that Ayo Adebanjo and co are seeing.The youths are in line too.All over the nation. Someone has to initate this change.Its time for SW to stop beating its junior brohers in SE and SS and gather the resources. An economically focussed south can reach out to its brother in the north.
When Obi wins, the second part of the battle..which is the most important one comes ..and that is how will merit battle an age long tradition of sentiment/impunity/enitlement.
If the youths understand..this is their battle.The battle for their future.
In this future battle ground Ayo Adebanjo and team are in front carrying the flag high
I come in peace

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