SE Problems are 60% caused by SE governors..and social unrest will dwarf IPOB if youth frustration is unchecked

South-East Governors Forum To Set Up 24-Hour Joint Patrol On Highways Over Insecurity


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The South-East Governors’ Forum on Sunday rose from an emergency meeting in Enugu and vowed to set up a 24-hr joint patrol on highways in the region to curtail rising insecurity. This is even as the governors ask for a political solution to the case of the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.


The Eastern Security Network (ESN) was created because of rising Herdsmen killing..kidnapping..robbery and other crimes in the face of the failure of federal policing.
Its on record that the Ebonyi state governor dismissed the idea completely saying SE is very safe.
Its very sad that right now the objectives and identities of ESN has become a clouded issue.
The initial opposition to IPOB is being watered down daily in a clear display of treachery to the former concept of support one Nigeria under Buhari. How many igbos want to divide Nigeria to start with?.Like many Nigerian citizens the igbos want a better life.Period. Decades of deliberately blaming FGN for the inability to develop SE is coming to haunt the current leaders.
And they cannot sleep well because once the youths realize that they are behind the career frustration of their lives. Buhari will be unable to help any of them.
I stand firm in telling you that no state governor in SE has plans to generate power for SME.Not even cheap funds for SMEs,,and SMEs are the hope for absorbing teeming millions of skilled but unemployed youths. This is the first attraction of IPOB and will remain the attraction of other leaders. This is what makes Obi Popular.He changed Anambra economically.The trust that SE had in Late Ojukwu was there,but Obi led the economic soldiers to victory.A feat that Governor Soludo who was elected oonly on ethnic grounds has no idea of how to match.
Mark my words.The youths will see better one day ..just like #endsars and face the elected leaders in SE

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