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A few days ago when the APC had its rally in Ohaukwu, I learnt that while Governor Dave Umahi was speaking, probably bereft of facts with which to campaign for a failed party like the APC, he drifted to babbling a lot of incongruous things one of which is that Senator Dr Sam Egwu should drop his senatorial ambition in the“interest of equity” in Ebonyi North.

I have taken days to ponder on why Umahi should talk publicly about equity but couldn’t fathom any reason for such hence there is the need for us to look at a few areas about Umahi’s public life and see to what extent equity reflects/ has reflected and manifested on them.

Umahi who thrives in slyish agenda of divide and rule thinks that he can incite the good people of Izzi people against their Ngbolizhia brothers without knowing that, for the Abakaliki man, blood is still truly thicker than water. If he thinks that Ndụ Abakaliki are like him who loves mammon and places same over and above every other thing including human beings, and can do anything for it, then he should better have a rethink for no matter how he tries to corrupt our minds, we are not yet so.

Umahi who, when selfishness drove him away from the PDP that built and made him, gave the public the impression that he was leaving the party because he envisaged that the PDP won’t give a southeasterner ticket and so would have contravened equity, is now the same person vehemently supporting a southwestern ticket of the APC in a certain delirious bala-blu. What a way to define and support equity!

If Umahi’s ill-fated move to the APC wasn’t for his selfish, infantile and rightly aborted illusionary presidential bid, why then is he not openly supporting a southeastern presidential candidate whose emergence represents the equity he so much loves and clamors for?
If Umahi is an apostle of equity as he preaches, why is he not throwing his weight behind Mr. Peter Obi who not only is from the southeast but is also adjudged the best among the prominent candidates contesting.

Isn’t Umahi seeing the PDP G-5 governors who truly believe in equity? Aren’t they governors like Umahi the self-acclaimed Mr. Equity?
I challenge Umahi as a man of equity to openly support Obi as a standard for equity for only when he does so can we take his equity advocacy seriously otherwise we know it’s for his usual manifestation of selfishness.

Here is Umahi a man of Equity who foisted his elder brother on his people as their traditional ruler despite his people’s vehement resistance and rejection.
Umahi is that lover of equity who, when he had the opportunity as the chairman of Southeast governor’s forum, imposed his younger brother as the National Vice Chairman of the PDP in the South East; his other younger brother as Vice Chairman of the PDP in the State and has recently imposed same person as House of Assembly Candidate of APC in Izzi land which is in Ebonyi North even when the guy is from Ebonyi South.
When Umahi parades as a global proponent of equity, one wonders whether his cousin Orlando whom he made the commissioner for finance is the most educated and most prudent financial manager in the entire Ebonyi south or that in doing so, he first appealed to the god of equity.

Umahi is that lover of equity who knows that only his brothers and family members are right for all the positions going to the Southern part of Ebonyi. That is why to further preach, entrench and domesticate equity, in the State APC Campaign Council, he governor Umahi is the Chairman of the Campaign Council, his younger brother Austin is the Director General, his beautiful wife Rachel is the leader of the women wing. This same Umahi, the incoming Ichie 1 of equity made himself the southeast coordinator of the APC Presidential Campaign Council, an act typical of how not to go back to one’s vomit.

Umahi is that chief of equity who has put up 80% of his infrastructural projects in the State at Ụbụrụ his home town. He is that preacher of equity who mounted a-billion-naira-gulping flyover in front of his house in the village where it is not needed and left the ever busy Vanco junction in Abakaliki where the world clampours for either a flyover or a roundabout. For Umahi, that is how to demonstrate equity okwa ya?

While I will talk about equity verses competence in the context of Ebonyi North Senatorial position and the role of Senator Egwu in the equity arrangements in Ebonyi North in the PDP in part 2 of this series, I will, for now, beg the elders of Uburu to confer on Gov Umahi the highest and most prestigious title of Ichie Equity 1 of Uburu Adu Kingdom.

Onye equity! If you are not supporting my friend, I would have told u harsher things so that u know how it feels. Nwoke equity!
George Umeh

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