Buhari is a true Azuanuka (One way traffic minded person)

Buhari is a true Azuanuka Once he believes in something , it’s difficult to talk him out of it He can attend your campaigns, raise your hand, pronounce you the next president and yet go back and refuse to budge Once he hears kwarraption nothing else matters Guy isn’t bothered about the insults being heaped on him by his friends It’s isn’t thick skin He literally enters aloofness It’s enough that he feels he is slaughtering corruption After all the APC meetings After all the resolutions After all the threats of contempt proceedings After coming to Lagos Man casually rejected all entreaties Some say he is super selfish After all he went overboard to remove Onnoghen After all he approved the distribution of trader moni on the eve of his re election Some say he despises BAT. After all he often had to be reminded to say a word of recommendation while raising his hand on campaign podium After almost 10 years of political wedlock to BAT Buharis attitude confounds all let alone Batists Let me say I know Buhari is an enigma Only God knows if he has anything else up his sleeves *Ugo Egbujo*


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