Will SE Bow To Simon Ekpa By Sitting At Home

BREAKING! Following the threat from Nigeria “repentant” Boko Haram and Nigeria Taliban serving in various capacities in the security agencies in Nigeria. The Biafra Government in Exile and security committee had a security meeting & we have raised the defence of Biafra territory Maintain the sit at home so that the Nigeria terrorists army will not see who to kill. Remember for the fact that you have registered your readiness to Exit Nigeria by sitting at home for the past 19months, you remain an enemy to them


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The sit at home starts tomorrow 23.2.2023 and ends 28.2.2023. Together we will make this history & free ourselves from British slavery called Nigeria/Simon Ekpa


What is at stake is NOT elections or Nigeria only.What is at stake is Ndigbo image.
By what process did we decide to boycott election or is the decision of a handful now binding on all of us.
This is the exact mistake NE and SW made ..now that is injuring them.Any one who wants to speak for us..must seek our consent by voting.Ndigbo the future is in your hands. What we have today..we have obtained by suffering since 1970 .If success were so easy why are we ahead of those who saw no war. Biafra is not a stigma ..its a geographical identity touching four countries…currently tied together by trade.There is No reason to believe that the behaviour of our current leaders will change in Political Biafra.Once again I appeal to Ndigbo to concentrate on an Economic Biafra. By 1967 we could refine oil …built ogbuigwe..built tested short range missiles and achieved technological success in other areas aside from the military. Civilian technological growth is not inhibited by political power. We own the pharmaceutical sector..automobile manufacturing,we top in education,come third after the Chinese and Indians in the control of the economy. We have the prospects of controlling coastal trade from Angola to Tangier.Nigeria is a small portion of our dreams. Lets not give in to regress

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