Dear Rasheed,look around you,SE is not disadvantaged/Via Whatsapp

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Am surprised you talk like this..i havent watched the clip and i really dont need to.Apart from the Asians.We own the country’s economy..we make up 45% of Lagos population..We own the pharmaceuticals…produce more graduates than any other region…taken over from SW as producers of professors…would you even belief we own 73% of the properties in FCT.Own electronics.Imagine Lagos without Ladipo…Trade Fair…Alaba…idumota…where will Tinubu get the IGR he is spending. We have lowest poverty rates and more billionaires per sq km ,if you judge by tribe. We even lead in automobile manufacturing in West Africa.Our dream of the future should exceed Nigeria . WHY SHOULD WE GO TO WAR?.Peter Obi is our gift to Nigeria.Our hopes should span from the Angolan coast line to The Tunisian coast line.No igbo should live in poverty.We should lay foundations in the world.

That is why i have been calling for an #Economicbiafra. We are bothered about the country because we are sure Tinubu will be another disaster.Otherwise no matter what you plan..we hold you by the neck.Speed inflation away ..we are the importers..we simply adjust prices in the market. Just like i strive daily to remind Ndigbo that our strenght is internal and this political revolution has favoured us by booting out an irresponsible political elite in SE..i enjoin you to move away from the hate crowd and focus more on the status of SW. You are saying yoruba land should prepare for war in case Ndigbo want to pull out. Can SW survive without oil money? Dont tell me about sea port..Asians and Ndigbo are the main users. Let Ndigbo shift to Onne port and see if Apapa wont collapse.Let Ladipo leave and tell me what is left to tax in Isolo LGA.Obidatti have already performed the needed miracle in SE.Dont be surprised in the next 4 years half the good in your house will be made in SE Nigeria without a Biafran republic.

Dear Rasheed..Look around you

What you are calling IPOB is an economic situation which accountability and proper governance in SE will sever it from recruits.Just watch. The model is shifting to SW..where people are getting shot for shouting Yoruba nacion. I pray it ends there quickly, The problem is welfare and the economy and Tinubu is not the answer.Smell the coffee. I could go on ..but lets leave it at this summary.”

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2 thoughts on “Dear Rasheed,look around you,SE is not disadvantaged/Via Whatsapp

  1. You should allow us view comments to this ill-educated, mechanic and IPOB post.

    Imports ruined the economy, talk less of fake imports. Dullard!

  2. The writer is part of the population who shouldn’t yet be allowed a vote or let alone a say, due to his level of reasoning.

    Part of the ill-educated, easily influenced mob from the SE, who largely distort Nigerias image around the globe, every thing by force mentality. No moderation in culture or social norms.

    They are numerous, like this numbskull, in number, who despite all their noise of fast wealth, fail to realise their contribution to the downward spiral of the Nigerian economy.

    Traders, mostly in cheap, fake importation have destroyed the Nigerian economy, especially the manufacturering he dared mention, all in the quest of becoming rich.

    Asides their disastrous contribution to the economy, the little ones that are educated, many were educated outside the SE, taking and using up health, education and many resources, they lack back home, depriving other nationals in the process.

    Visit Ladipo to see how dirty, unkempt and the state of the environment, that place is, with fake products the import, not minding how many lives have been lost to their callous acts, be it fake drugs, car parts etc.

    The muppet that wrote this post, not only an IPOB agent, probably in Malaysia, China or SA, seeking to embolden idiots like him, who also believe they are Jews, not seeking 419 funds.

    Go figure!

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