By Katch Ononuju


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Peter Gregory Obi’s legal team has said they will invite a staff of AWS as witness to testify in court against what transpired at INEC’s situation room and with the server on and before the 25th February, 2023.

AWS CloudTrail is an AWS (Amazon Web Services) service that helps enable operational and risk auditing, governance, and compliance of AWS account. Actions taken by a user, role, or an AWS service are recorded as events in CloudTrail. Events include actions taken in the AWS Management Console, and AWS Command Line Interface.

INEC denied through their reply to our petition, describing it as figment and concocted.

INEC has now made a sudden reversal, they have admitted having two servers. One feed the IREv while the other one was kept secret from public knowledge.

Peter Obi’s legal team deserves a big hug. No be to order us to go to court, we die here.

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