Sweden arrests Qur’an-burner Rasmus Paludan in absentia, will be arrested if he enters the country

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“Rasmus Paludan arrested in absentia – will be arrested on entry,” translated from “Rasmus Paludan anhållen i sin utevaro – grips vid inresa,” by Victor Stenquist, Aftonbladet, May 4, 2023 (thanks to L.):

Rasmus Paludan will be arrested if he sets foot in Sweden.

The far-right politician has been arrested in absentia on suspicion of several crimes, according to information given to Aftonbladet.

“The accusations are laughable,” says Rasmus Paludan himself.

Rasmus Paludan was been investigated a couple of months ago for incitement against a group of people, insult and gross assault against an official.

He was summoned for questioning, but did not want to come to Sweden.

Prosecutor Adrien Combier-Hogg has opened up the possibility of hearing Paludan in Denmark with the help of the Danish police.

According to information given to Aftonbladet, Rasmus Paludan has now also been arrested in absentia, which would mean that he would be arrested immediately if he were to enter Sweden from Denmark, where he is now.

The same applies if he were to be seen in public elsewhere in Sweden, according to Aftonbladet’s informant.

The decision has been made by prosecutors and the classification of the criminal suspects relates to incitement against a group of people.

Rasmus Paludan himself thinks both the decision to arrest him is idiotic. He gives the same judgment regarding the allegations and the investigation against him.

“Swedish police in general and the Malmö police in particular do not want to protect me, so it is dangerous for me to come to Sweden. The Malmö police force is an Islamized garbage dump,” says Rasmus Paludan.

He states that he has no plans to come to Sweden, nor did he after an appearance during the election campaign in September 2022.

“I had no plans to come during 2023 either. But because some people, including Chang Frick, invited me to come in January, so I made an exception,” says Rasmus Paludan.

However, Paludan states that he is willing to allow himself to be questioned via video link with the help of Danish police

Footnote: Aftonbladet has been in contact with the press service of the police and the prosecutor’s office, who were unable to confirm that Paludan is under arrest in absentia. Chamber prosecutor Adrien Combier-Hogg, who leads the investigation, could not be reached.

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