Curtis Ugbo Is A Fraudulent Charlatan, He Should Be Avoided Like Plague, Says Edo State Labour Party


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Edo State Labour Party attention has been drawn to the fallacious and baseless assertions and claims by one Mr Cutis Eghosa Ugbo on social media.

Mr. Cutis Ugbo who ascribed to himself LP chieftain alleged that “LP national and Edo state chairmen are trading with the party tickets.”

To keep the records straight, Mr Ugbo is not a chieftain of LP, we don’t know him as a registered and dues paying member anywhere in our records.
The only time we came across the name “Cutis Ugbo” was sometimes in 2018/2019 when he came begging on his kneels to run for Oredo local government chairmanship under our platform.

Thinking that he would do well with it, the people he is falsely accusing of trading with the tickets granted him free waiver as he could not afford to pay for the nomination form, even the token to process his papers he was unable to drop yet the party did everything for him free of charge, let him come with proof if he ever paid a dim for the ticket.
Haven given him the platform to run for free, he could not even print a single poster nor sponsor any campaign as we never hear anything
from him anymore.

We later learnt from a reliable source that he Cashed out the ticket he got free for #10m (Ten million naira) with the government of the day. That was the last we heard about Cutis Ugbo until recently he is wanting to meander his way into LP affairs through some support groups activities for Peter Obi.

LP is about 20 years now, let Cutis Eghosa Ugbo tell Edo people where and what are his contributions to grow the party in Edo State that earned him the title “chieftain” of LP.

In fact we want to use this medium to sound a note of warning and advise those under the umbrella of support groups for Peter Gregory Obi to stop deceiving the innocent public that they are leaders and chieftains of LP, they should stop impersonating the leadership of the Party.
The party’s doors are wide open to accommodate as many that wish to join provided they come through the right channels.

Ordinarily, we would have ignored statements made out of personal grouses, hatred, bitterness and envy against the unblemished leadership qualities of both Barr. Dr. Julius Abure and distinguished comrade Kelly Ogbaloi, National and Edo State Chairmen respectively, but they have sacrificed so much of their time and resources to grow the LP through the thick and tin to National prominence.
Barr. Julius Abure and comrade Kelly Ogbaloi are not men from a questionable background with skeletons in their cupboards.
The duo are both from the barricades with proven track records of high integrity have written their names in gold. Like the Eagle, their place in history is far above the sky from ordinary birds.
There was never a time they traded or make bargain anywhere with LP tickets, Mr. Cutis Ugbo is a mudslinger who enjoys splashing the mud he bath with on the sparkling white agbada of the two gentle men.

Comr. Sam Uroupa
Publicity Secretary
LP, Edo State.

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