IS BOLA TINUBU AN IDENTITY THIEF? Who is Bola Tinubu. Is his Bola an Oyebola, Adebola, Bolatito, Ogunbola, Shangobola, or which of them? How did he gained admission into the Chicago State University. What High school diploma or WAEC result did he used to gain the admission. What is the name of his primary school? Has he always been known as Bola Tinubu since 1952 or 1954 he claimed to be his birth date? The puzzles are now before the The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois which has given Bola Tinubu up to August 23, 2023 to explain why his academic records at the Chicago State University, CSU, should not be released to Atiku Abubakar.


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The U.S court will unveil the true identity of Tinubu, how he gained admissions to the Chicago State University and what High School Diploma or WAEC results he used. Curiously, the swift attempt by Tinubu to block Atiku’s requests has further heightened suspicions as to who indeed is Bola Tinubu. What could be his fears in asking the Court not to honor Atiku’s request.

What could he be hiding. Why the desperation in shielding his academic credentials for which he proudly claimed to have graduated with honors. Nigerians are indeed anxiously waiting to be treated with another shocker that the man currently occupying the office of the president is an identity thief or otherwise!

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