You must prosecute bandits for raping, killing women, children – UNICEF tells FG

UNICEF in Nigeria has urged the Federal Government to prosecute bandits for their heinous acts of murder and sexual assault committed against women and children. The Country Representative of UNICEF in Nigeria, Cristian Munduate Cristian, emphasized this during a press conference held in Maiduguri in preparation for World Humanitarian Day.


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Cristian highlighted the alarming absence of substantial measures taken by governments to address the atrocities, such as the abduction of schoolchildren, the killing of women and educators, and the rape of young schoolgirls. She emphasized the urgent need to reinforce judicial systems and strongly emphasized that these brutal actions must cease, allowing children to attend school without the constant fear of abduction or sexual assault.

She voiced her concern, stating, “The situation is deeply concerning. Reports of attacks on communities and schools have become a daily occurrence. Just recently, teachers were targeted, resulting in tragic fatalities. Immediate action is imperative in addressing this facet.”

Cristian stressed the unacceptability of allowing bandits to evade legal consequences for their actions. She pointed out that they have been perpetrating assaults, murdering children and women, and engaging in abductions and rape. She expressed her worries about the apparent lack of a proper legal punishment process for these individuals, despite the existence of international and national legal frameworks.

In conclusion, she advocated for the enforcement of both international and national laws to hold these offenders accountable and ensure a safer environment for children and women.

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