Ghana and Nigeria are immune to coups…FFK says Nigerians will resist coup.

There are only two countries in the West African sub-region in which the military are disciplined and professional enough to ensure that there are no coups.


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The first is Nigeria and the second is Ghana. Both are Anglophone and not Francophone countries, both have legitimate, accountable democratically-elected and constitutional Governments and Presidents with term limits, both have imbued and encouraged the culture of free speech and the rule of law, both have an independent and virile judiciary and finally both have President’s that are rational, reasonable and progressive who are neither stooges or puppets of western imperialist and neo-colonial interests or corrupt sit tight dictators and monsters who wish to remain in power for life and then hand over to their children.

It is for this very reason that the very idea of a coup, the truncation of democracy or the imposition of an unconstitutional Government in either of these two countries is not only unacceptable and repugnant but would also be resisted with every fiber of our collective being.

I am proud to be a Nigerian primarily because we have been able to sustain our democracy for the last 24 years and have made appreciable progress. May God continue to be with our people, defend our country, preserve and protect our democracy and guide our newly-elected President.

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