Shahed-136 drones for Ibrahim Traoré? A social media leak coming to reality?

Shahed 136 / Geran-2, which have been terrorizing Odesa and Mykolaiv Oblast for several weeks, reached Kyiv Oblast from Crimea and hit infrastructure facilities in Bila Tserkva. In fact, this is quite an achievement for a rather small and almost homemade UAV. What are these Shahed 136 and why are they so dangerous?


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In fact, the Shahed 136 are, of course, not homemade: these UAVs are produced by the Iranian Aircraft Industrial Company (HESA). But due to the fact that Iran has been under US sanctions for more than 40 years, HESA engineers have limited access to modern electronics and components, so they resort to various contrivances, for example, using widely available civilian components in military UAVs. In addition, over 40 years, Iran has learned a little to circumvent sanctions through third countries.

Shahed 136 kamikaze drones are one of HESA’s newest developments. They officially entered service with the Iranian army only in 2021, and were first demonstrated on video in December 2021. But according to Newsweek, as early as 2020 they were being used by Houthi groups in Yemen.

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