On why Guinea was excluded from the West African security pact..Goita says”we don’t want traitors or sellouts among ourselves.”

Guinea is missing, and I wonder why ? Bambi Rox asks the president on his twitter handle on why Republic of Guinea was excluded from the new security pact

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Good question! Initially, we had Guinea

in mind because they helped Mali a lot during the illegal, illegitimate and inhumane sanctions of

@ecowas_cedeao. It was through Mauritania and Guinea’s ports that Mali was able to import and export its products when the useless puppets of ECOWAS decided to close their borders to a landlocked country, which btw is against international law, and the UN charter. But here’s the thing, we heard during a US senate hearing from General Michael Langley, the head of US Africa Command (AFRICOM) that they have trained over 50,000 African soldiers who defend their core values. Then, the General proceeded to say that they are the ones who trained Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, the current interim President of Guinea

. Moreover, Doumbouya is also a soldier for the French foreign legion, an elite military force in the French army, and his wife is a French Captain in their gendarmerie. So, you see, it’s a trust issue here, and we don’t want traitors or sellouts among ourselves. Here’s the link to the hearing

Goita is the President of Mali,,yesterday, he announced a security pact of Mali..Burkina faso and Niger.He excluded Guinea which previously met the criteria.In a veiled instigation of Nigerian youths ,,,he berated democracy for producing a drug trafficker as a president

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