Why Cement is costly in Nigeria/A personal take by an angry Nigerian

My brother do you know that a white friend of mine (French Man) in Lafarge Cement Company, Cross River, confided in me that our marketers and politicians are our biggest problem and hindrances of progress in this country, he said that until last month august 2023, that their company price of cement was #1,500. That they recently added #300 making #1,800 because of the recent Dollar to Naira crash.


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He said that they have only five patent marketers (distributors) of which most of them are top politicians and political godfathers. The French Man told me that these 5 marketers and other patent cement marketers across Nigeria are the ones that determine the cement price to consumers.

The man said that they were shocked to know that cement which they produce with about 95 percent of the raw materials being sourced in Nigeria here are sold to Nigerians over #5,000 per a bag.

Is really a pity, according to him, the marketers used the patency agreement to ensure that the individual retailers and consumers are not sold to, to maintain their monopoly and price control.

So my brother, this is just the cement sector only, the same thing goes to petroleum sector, food sector etc. So you see why God cannot come from heaven to change things in Nigeria, the masses have to rise and revolt to save them themselves and children from clutches of these few greedy men, or they will all die of hardship and sufferings with their generation.

If you think that things will suddenly turned around for good by these Criminal leaders, cartels and political elites, by just praying to God, without God fearing and purposeful leader taking over the affair of our survival, we will pray until we die all

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